Music, Visual Art, Performance, Comedy, Film, Food and more by women artists from the Arab World

AWAN is produced by Arts Canteen 

Founder & Director: Aser El Saqqa


2020 Collaborators 

Visual Arts Curator
Ghazaleh Zogheib

Volunteer and Workshop Coordinator
Yasmeen El Khoudary

Graphic Design
D3 Design London

Website design 

Sarah Melloul

we are:

“A platform

for people's stories”

– Al Jazeera on AWAN 2016

"I wanted to provide a platform for Arab women artists to reclaim their bodies, reclaim their experiences, and reclaim their narratives as part of a wider attempt at increasing understanding of the Middle East and the Arab region" Joud Halawani Al Tamimi, Exhibition Curator, 2017

AWAN aims to bring the phenomenal work of its inspiring Arab women artists to a wider audience.


The festival will bring together an exciting and eclectic mix of collaborations and creative projects and will be an important opportunity for conversation and cultural and artistic exchange.
The programme will feature theatre, film, art and comedy, as well as workshopsand debate, and will celebrate contemporary creativity, challenge stereotypes and bring different communities together.

AWAN Festival is delighted to have the continuing support of Arts Council England and its other partners and venues.