Saturday, 7 March 2020


Comedy Series by Nour Alkawaja

A comedy series dedicated to breaking down the misconceptions associated with the Palestinians. A celebration of Palestinian culture, food, art and heritage.

The show takes on the style and format of a mockumentary, weavingictional comedic characters with real Palestinian based in Palestine and various different countries around the world. The story is about a company based in the west bank known as ‘Occupied Nation Tourism’ who are on a quest to encourage travel and tourism to Palestine. The series mirrors the struggles and strive the Palestinians have had to endure living under occupation and takes look at the diaspora community as well. The show uses comedy as a vehicle to tackle conflict and embodies characters playing the role of the fool to personify man’s idiocy and satirize extremist thought that divides people and communities.

Saturday, 7 March 2020


A Film by MH Sarkis

PΛNΛCΞΛ (2020) is a short film that is part CGI trip and part visual poem, inspired by the ongoing Lebanese revolution.

A journey through post-apocalyptic landscapes hints at not only the environmental crises that are long-term side effects of our struggles, but also our collective inner turmoil. The event is FREE and open to all but registration is essential to attend.


Followed by Q & A with MH Sarkis.

Sunday, 8 March 2020


An Afternoon of Film and Discussion

The full day programme includes several short films and a screening including * "The Man Behind the Microphone" a documentary about the famous Tunisian singer, Hédi Jouini الهادي جويني, known as the “Frank Sinatra of Tunisia” and the premiere screening of "Under Multiple Suns" written and Directed by Lebanese Director Helene Kazan.

The day provides a chance to meet other likeminded film fans and participate in a live Q+A discussion with Btisam Akarkach (artistic programmer of MONA Film Festival and Malikka Bouaissa (founder AL.ARTE, coordinator MONA Film Festival.The panel will be discussing a number of practical concerns as addressing roles for women both in front of and behind the scene in the film festivals in Europe.

{The Man Behind the Microphone }

Directed by Claire Belhassine, 2017 (86 Mins)

{Under Multiple Suns}

Directed By Helene Kazan, 2020 (15 Mins)

1 PM
4 PM
12:30-5 PM
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