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SARD: Libyan oral history, storytelling and memorialisation
Speakers: Sarah Giaziri - Najla Elageli
- Sanaa El Mansouri - Shada Shahin

Saturday, 4 March at 4pm (Doors: 3.30pm)
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA

We’re honoured to announce Sard (meaning 'narrative' in Arabic) — a project seeking justice and rewriting history, initiated by Sarah Giaziri, Najla Elageli and Sanaa El Mansouri.


An important project archiving Libyan oral history as a means to revolt, Sard collects and preserves the experiences of individuals who have lived through periods of political and cultural significance in the country’s recent past. Their mission is to build trust and facilitate dialogue between different communities and contribute to a more inclusive and democratic society.  

The Panelists: 

Najla Elageli is an architect and curator, who founded @noonartsprojects which brings contemporary MENA art to the world stage. Najlaa curated multiple projects globally, including @shubbakfestival, @nourfestival, The Benetton Foundation and @casa_arabe.

Sana Elmansouri is an important Libyan journalist, broadcaster and producer. She was the first Libyan to present on national TV in Tamazight, and founded the Libyan political party Libou (which she later left). She has recently been nominated for multiple positions by the current Presidential Council. 

Sarah Giaziri is a human rights solicitor, journalist and campaigner. She worked at the @ffregister and the @rorypecktrust which advocate for the safety and welfare of freelance journalists.

ASWAT Cabaret
Thursday, 9 March at 8pm (Doors: 7pm)
Grand Junction, London W2 5TF
Sunkissed Child - AWAN Cabaret at Grand Junction Banner.jpg

Celebrate the ASWAT ('voices' in Arabic) of London's most talented, emerging Arab artists in a cabaret night with a Middle Eastern and North African twist! Featuring music, poetry & spoken word.

Sunkissed Child (Yasmina) originally from Lebanon, shares pieces of her life  through various music genres, influenced by Neo-soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Middle Eastern cultures. 

Amal Khalidi is a multi-disciplinary, poet, musician, and storyteller. As a London born North African, their work attempts to understand their identity and the absolute silliness of the everyday.

Tasneim Zyada  is a British-Palestinian spoken word artist and published poet. Her work explores the themes of identity, displacement, mental health and faith, with words that move the audience. 

Sana El Wakili  is a multidisciplinary artist based in London with North African heritage. Sana’s poetry, writing and acting is influenced by spoken word and contemporary circus, music, visual art, as well as lived experience.

Chifaa Khelfaoui  is a London-based Palestinian author. Her first book, Sambac Beneath Unlikely Skies, won the 2022 Palestine Book Awards and was chosen as a 2021 Book of the Year by The White Review, Middle East Eye and The New Arab.

Heba Alhayek is a spoken word artist, actor and writer, taking inspiration from hip-hop and conscious rap. She uses poetry to express her thoughts and emotions on the complica-tions of life – particularly those faced by Arab women. 

Palestinian Literature NOW
Speakers: Nora Parr - Selma Dabbagh
- Heba Alhayek - Shada Shahin

Saturday, 11 March at 12.30pm (Doors: 12pm)
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA
Talks Programme - Palestinian literature.jpg

Book a pass to access all three AWAN Talks on 11 March for £10.


Join three inspiring Arab women for a conversation about Palestinian literature; Nora E.H. Parr, who is an author and expert of Palestinian literature, will be joined by Palestinian authors Selma Dabbagh and Heba Alhayek.

The three panelists will discuss the unique genre of Palestinian fiction through the themes of artistic trends, revolutionary innovation, the evolution of symbols, and the importance surrounding the death of the hero poet. 

Ahla Fawda
Speaker: Iman Assaf
Saturday, 11 March at 2pm (Doors: 1.30pm)
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA
Ahla Fawda.jpeg

Book a pass to access all three AWAN Talks on 11 March for £10.


Ahla Fawda is a humanitarian and environmental NGO which provides support to disadvantaged communities through sustainable projects. 

Founder Iman Assaf will join us to discuss the organisations important initiatives, as well as showcasing a selection of unique recycled artisan products made by the artists which will be available for sale.

Breaking Barriers and Creating Careers
Speaker: Heba El Kayal - Cristina O’Hanlon - guests 
Saturday, 11 March at 3.30pm (Doors: 3pm)
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA
Breaking Barrriers and Creating Careers.jpg

Book a pass to access all three AWAN Talks on 11 March for £10.


Join us for a conversation between practising artists and cultural practitioners on the many paths taken and the obstacles they faced on their journey. 

From female perspectives,  we will hear how barriers have been broken, what issues we need to rally behind, and the hopeful future we can cultivate for Arab women in the arts.

Iraq in Focus
Saturday, 18 March at 1pm - 3pm
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA
Iraq in Focus image.jpeg

Join us to celebrate the remarkable apprenticeship programme between five UK-based Arab creatives and emerging female artists from Baghdad.

This year-long project, initiated by Arts Canteen and The Station (Baghdad), aims to empower Iraqi artists to take their practice to a new level. During this event, the artists will display the new work they've created, share their stories, and you will have the opportunity to connect live. 

The project paired 5 Iraqi and 5 British artists together to create a mentorship programme which helped develop the skills of emerging Iraqi female artists and create new exciting work from a range of artistic practices including photography, music, animation, design and digital art.

The artists include:

UK - Alaa Alsraji, Sally Souraya, Farida Eltigi, DJ Luma and Lara Kobeissi

Iraq - Yusur Mokdad, Niga Salam, Mena Hadad, Yusur Mokdad and Raz Kamaran

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