Thursday, 5 March 2020

Made in London

New Arab Sounds - Made in London is a boundary-pushing music, sound art and visual installation event by emerging Arab women artists who work across a broad range of disciplines. Expect to hear new voices, exciting music and to be challenged by an intriguing and engaging experience produced by risk-taking, under-represented


Bint Mbareh and guests join forces for a mesmerising show for the launch of AWAN 2020.

Saturday, 7 March 2020


Formed in Malmö 2008, Tarabband hosts some of Sweden's most skilled folk & world Musicians. The group is led by the charismatic Iraqi Egyptian singer Nadin, who fled war In Iraq to Sweden in 2001. Tarabband's music and lyrics narrates her journey of survival, Exile, life and rebirth. Tarabband combines groove and sweetness with a charismatic voice to transgress Borders that are drawn between countries and humans. "Tarab" itself is an Arabic term for The ecstasy that can appear when music and emotions merge and become one.

Wednesday, 25 March  2020


Discover the works of ground-breaking female artists from the MENA Diaspora. An evening showcase of poetic artistry, immersive visuals and breakthrough DJ’s providing ground-shaking blends of Arabic and UK music from the past and present. Start the evening surrounded by rare musical gems of the past donated by Dardisku Records, engage in the stories delivered by award-winning spoken word artists through poetry, video and song, before transforming the dance floor into an evening experience of nostalgic sounds fromt the MENA regions; together in harmony with popular hits of today.
Curated by Dj Saliah.

Sunday, 29  March 2020


Originally from Casablanca, Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui seemeddestined to become an architect but then decided to embrace a career in music. She quickly drew the attention of the media, who identified her with the Nayda, a movement of young Moroccans attracted by more urban sounds.The albums Lik’Oum (2009) and Sweerty (2012), which were only released
in Morocco, made her a star in her own country. Then she had a crucial brainwave. She began to write in darija, the everyday dialect of Moroccan Arabic. This offered her the possibility of exploiting a new musicality in her lyrics, as well
as new combinations of meaning – an entire poetry of assonances. In 2013,she surrounded herself with musical luminaries to release her first international album, Soul of Morocco. European audiences discovered an artist full of generosity who offered a new kind of fusion combined with great authenticity. Concerts followed each other in quick succession, allowing her well-honed
group to achieve even greater cohesion.

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