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Who comes to AWAN?

Anyone and everyone. AWAN is a grassroots experience for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in Arab female creativity. Audiences are very mixed in terms of age, nationality and level of knowledge of the rich cultures of the Arab region. We tend to find that people come away from AWAN better informed about life in Arab communities. 


How are you funded?

AWAN is a non-profit festival generously supported by public funds and private sponsors. Since the first edition of AWAN in 2015 we have been supported by Arts Council England, among others. 

Who produces the festival? 

The festival is produced by Arts Canteen who, every year, invite different Arab female collaborators to curate and produce the next edition of the festival. 


Where are your artists from exactly?

AWAN artists are either part of the global Arab diasporas or are based in the Arab world.

What is the purpose of AWAN?

AWAN is an arts festival designed to entertain, engage, and connect with audiences. We  provide a platform for emerging and established artists across disciplines to share their work with a London audience. 

How do you help emerging artists? 

We provide support for structured professional development through workshops and our extensive network of cultural practitioners and institutional partners.   

How long has AWAN been around? 

Our annual festival was launched in 2015 and we have grown every year since! 

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