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Hawazin Alotaibi
Selected works from 'Fingerprints of a Lover'
and 'An Effort' residency

1 - 30 March (10am - 10pm)
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA

We are honoured to display a curated selection of Hawazin Alotaibi’s exquisite paintings throughout the duration of AWAN festival from 1-30 March.  Hawazin's work challenges the gender norms within the Arab world, and blur the boundaries of expression (literally, and metaphorically) through experimentation. 

Hawazin (B.1993, Wisconsin) is a London-based Saudi-American interdisciplinary artist and DJ. She earned her BA in Painting at the University of the Arts London and her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. She works primarily with painting, audio, photo, and video editing. 


The work on display examines the notions of gender, masculinity, and self-representation on social media of the ever-changing cultural and political dynamics in the Arab world, specifically Gulf countries. Hawazin experiments with motion glitches and distorts her paintings with photographs she’s taken or collected from social media or cultural and religious books. A radical voice of the generation. 

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